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Our Mission

The mission of the Utah State University Botanical Center is to guide the conservation and wise use of plant, water, and energy resources through researched-based educational experiences, demonstrations, and technology. 

We offer educational opportunities for children and adults, all backed by USU Extension. The center is home to an arboretum arranged according to the irrigation needs of its more than 300 trees and shrubs, gardens and home landscapes that demonstrate wise water use and research aimed at conserving the region's rich array of plants. 

The USU Botanical Center also features a much-loved urban fishery, walking and biking trails, wetland areas that support birds and other wildlife, a volunteer-tended garden that provides thousands of pounds of fresh produce to local food banks, a seasonal farmers market and a full schedule of classes, workshops, educational field trips and other events.

The USU Botanical Center is the result of a shared vision and partnership between Utah State University, public agencies, individuals, civic groups, businesses, and foundations - important alliances that are bringing the center to fruition. 

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Weddings, family gatherings, small events and meetings will have extra beauty and character when held at various locations across the USU Botanical Gardens! 

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